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GMP Certified Bio-Tech Pharmacal Pharmacy Grade Vitamins

Introducing Doctor and Healthcare professional recommended allergy free supplements from Bio-Innovations Pharmacal ~ Made in the USA

Natural Alternative Path now has a presence on Amazon offering Bio-Innovations Pharmacal, Bio-Tech Pharmacal and Dr. Shen's for USA, Canada, and International Customers!
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Many of us, on the Natural Alternative Path to health and well being choose to take high end supplements along with our herbs and other natural remedies.

Some of us have Naturopathic or Holistic physicians including Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (D.O.), Functional Medicine doctors, Acupuncturists, and Herbalists

Some of us are, or have, close friends and family who are doctors, scientists and alternative therapists who really care about us, and the human condition. Many of these people embrace the Natural Alternative Path because they know us, and may be one of us, for whom conventional medicine was not often the answer.

We are uniquely our own biology, and we have found that some remedies which work for many people don't work for us.

My personal experience with herbs, is that some of them work amazingly well, and other herbs have put me in the hospital.

During one of my hospital stays from an allergic reaction to herbs a doctor told me to take specific supplements that were Professional Grade Formula that they use in hospitals. He told me how it works on the pathways in the body, and how they could help me. For people who are allergic to so many plants, these high grade supplements contain only the active ingredients for my conditions, and not the whole herb, which contains the allergens that landed me in the hospital.

Needless to say, his perscription for me worked. Due to my multiple sensitivities, he had me start with a half dose, and work my way up. For me, this melted the trauma off my scalp into a smooth awakening, and I could breath again.

Being the inquisitive person that I am, (John too) I tested different over the counter supplements, and noticed that they did not have the same effect.
Although the Professional Grade Formulas were more expensive, and harder to get, dollar for dollar, the the cost benefit ratio was far better than the bargain deals.

One of my other doctors advised me to spend the money on quality, because surgery and disease is far more expensive.

Here at Natural Alternative Path we want to share with our loyal customers, the Bio-Tech Pharmacal line.
My first experience taking a Bio Tech Pharmacal supplement was that the capsule was so small.

Bio-Tech Pharmacal cuts to the chase, and does not add any unnecessary fillers and binders that the mass public prefers because of the Bigger is Better marketing attractor factor. I personally, like the smaller capsules because they are easier to swallow.

Nano nano friends. We are living in a High Tech world, where nano particles don't need to be in bigger capsules. The smaller caps are much easier to take, and are more bio-available to the body.

A few of my friends say that they never buy supplements that contain Magnesium Stearate, becuase it is not good for the body. They said that supplement tablets are usually made with Magnesium Stearate, which takes up most of the tablet bulk. I hate elephant sized pills. They get stuck in my throat and make me choke.

We are proud to offer our friends and family choice Professional Grade product line from Bio-Tech Pharmacal that is made in the continental USA by Americans, in their FDA approved facilities.