Energy Enhanced Organic Ozonated Castor Oil For Eyes and Eye Exercises

Dr. Norman Shealy M.D.,recommends the use of Castor Oil for treatment of cataracts.

In the book "The Edgar Cayce HANDBOOK for HEALTH Through Drugless Therapy" by Dr. Harold J Reilly and Ruth Hagy Brod, forward by Hugh Lynn Cayce.  Dr. Reilly worked closely with Edgar Cayce.  Edgar Cayce referred many patients to Dr. Reilly for treatment.

In this book, there are several cases where patients have eye conditions. The notable eye conditions which treatment using castor oil were for pterygiums and cataracts, both of which eye exercises are also recommended.

On page 239: "The late Dr. Mayo Hotten, of California, reported that he has used castor-oil packs over the eyes in two cases to reduce imflammation of pterygium (a growth of mucous membrane over the inner portion of the conjunctiva of the eye) - perhaps sufficiently to prevent surgery.

On page 107, next to the last paragraph, Ruth Hagy Brod, one of the co-authors of this book, worked with an eye specialist who had her practice the Edgar Cayce head and neck exercises for eyes (page 127) which partially disolved her cataract condition.

Here at Natural Alternative Path we as sharing our findings for natural alternatives to surgery. The difficulty with pterygium surgery, is that the pterygium can still grow back. In general, people seeking a Natural Alternative Path to health conditions are willing to take active participation in their healing. In some cases, these eye conditions could be caused by blockages in the head and neck.

As well, use of castor oil packs on the eyes have been found to reduce inflammation. Some people put cucumbers or other soothing eye pads over their eyes to reduce inflammation. Edgar Cayce specifies wool flannel packs to use as castor oil packs. John says that Merino wool is soft enough for the eye area, as well as other small areas like cysts and fibroids for small No Mess wool packs

Energy Enhanced Ozonated Castor Oil pack kit for eyes, cysts, fibroids, and other small areas.
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Liz meets Dr. Norman Shealy

Liz (me) have both pterygium and pinguecula. I have tried so many different over the counter and prescription eye drops including steriodal eye drops.  Some have helped, but due to allergies, the redness and dry eye conditions continue to be a challenge.

One of our customers called and told us about Norman Shealy M.D. recommending castor oil in the eyes for cataracts.  I decided to try our Ozonated Castor Oil, and found that it is better than any of the other commercial eye drops that I've used. My eyes were no longer dry and inflammed.

I went to hear a lecture by Dr. Norman Shealy at one of the A.R.E. meetings.

When he asked "Are there any questions?" I raised my hand.

He called me up to the front of the room. this is when I had the opportunity to ask Norman Shealy M.D. in person about the use of castor oil for the eyes. Norman Shealy replied:

Castor Oil has been known to help with cataracts, but not with pterygium, because pterygium is scar tissue. If anything, the Castor Oil would reduce the inflammation and soften the pinguecula. (see below for Dr. Norman Shealy's instructions)

Liz's next eye doctor examination revealed that she had early stage cataracts. Liz started using the Ozonated Castor Oil drops in her eyes every day for over a year. When she returned to the eye doctor, he said that she no longer had cataracts!

Eye Exercises for Pteryguims & Cataracts

Edgar Cayce Eye Exercises, specifcally for eyes are found in case(3549-1) and on page 113 of Dr. Reilly's handbook:

When we remove the pressures of the toxic forces we will improve the vision. Also the head and neck exercise will be most helpful.
Take this regularly, not taking it sometimes and leaving off sometimes,
 but each morning and each evening take this exercise
regularly for six months
and we will see a great deal of difference:
Eye Exercises
Sitting erect,
  • bend the head forward three times,
  • to the back three times,
  • to the right side three times,
  • to the left side three times,
  • and then circle the head each way three times.
Don't hurry through with it but take the time to do it. We will get results.

According to Dr. Reilly, most people find it relaxing to do these exercises before going to sleep. He goes on further to say that some people find it overstimulating, thus an altertative time to do these exercises is right before dinner.

Dr. Reilly points out that these exercises should not be done if the person has any kind of cardiovascular condition, except under expert supervision.

Dr. Norman Shealy's & Edgar Cayce's instructions for use of Castor Oil for eyes

How to apply Organic Ozonated Castor Oil to eyes

Ancient Egyptians recommended the use of Castor Oil for eye irritations. Edgar Cayce readings include the use of Castor Oil for Cataracts.   Dr. Norman Shealy also recommends this treatment. Since the eye membrane is delicate, use sparingly.

The best time to apply to eyes, is right before bed time.
  1. Obtain a sterile eye dropper
  2. Place the tip of the eye dropper into the bottle of Organic Ozonated Castor Oil and draw out a small amount
  3. Note: with the Organic Ozonated Castor Oil, use only a small drop.
  4. Lay the head back, preferably on a bed pillow while laying down.
  5. Administer a small drop at the inside corner of each eye
  6. Note: You will feel a slight stinging or burning sensation, as the active ingredients touch the eye membrane.
    • The stinging should last less than a minute.
    • If it persists longer, you may have added too much, or you have a more serious eye infection
    • If it persists, wipe out the excess and go to see a doctor, as you may have an eye infection that requires a prescription medication