Organic Ozonated Oils

Our boutique hand crafted Organic Ozonated Oils are Energy Enhanced with European Hi-tech devices similar to those used in expensive skin care systems like La Mer. La Mer was invented by a NASA scientist originally to heal his own skin from a serious accident. La Mer is Energy Enhanced, and so are our Ozonated Oils. In Spring/Summer 2015 we invested in the newest Energy Enhancement device from Europe.

If you are already one of our loyal customers, please know that we have been adding these anti-inflammatory, supportive healing energies for years.

An example is Hemp Oil. Hemp is known for it's highly anti-inflammatory calming properties. In Energy Medicine, we take the Energy of Hemp, and imbibe it into our Organic Ozonated Castor Oil. This gives our Organic Ozonated Castor Oil, with has the inherent healing properties of castor oil, the additional healing energies of Hemp Oil. We add other Energy Enhancements besides the energy of Hemp to our Organic Ozonated Castor Oil. Like a melody, we are careful to only add the right amounts and blends of energies so that the harmonics are nourishing and beneficial.

For more information on Energy Enhancements, they can be found under Energy Medicine.

"We wanted to provided some more feedback on the ozonated castor oil.
We have a client that has a trigeminal neuralgia and it is extremely painful.
Most pain meds do not touch this pain resulting in many with this condition resulting in suicide.

She has been using the oil on her face with good results and on her arthritic hips too.

The hip pain use to keep her up, but no more. We are finding more and more uses, thanks for producing this product."