Organic Ozonated Castor Oil

What is Organic Ozonated Castor Oil?
Ozonated Castor Oil is a thick concentrated oil which
  • Embodies and intensifies the benefits of regular Castor Oil.
  • Its thicker consistency allows you to apply it without running or dripping as much as regular Castor Oil.
  • Is concentrated using the powerfully healing ozonation process.
  • Allows a little to go a long way (less is needed).
  • Allows the healing properties of Castor Oil and Oxygen molecules combined to accelerate the healing process.
  • Has become known as a major component in the fight against Lyme Disease and co-infections.
We think that Edgar Cayce would have realized the benefits of Organic Ozonated Castor Oil and would have written about this product if he were here today, especially in the area of treatment of Lyme Disease. We believe that Edgar Cayce would come up with a similar protocol by Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, in the treatment of Lyme Disease and co-infections.

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In "Klinghardt Biological treatment of Lyme disease Protocol", Klinghardt outlines use of:
  • 70% Organic Ozonated Castor Oil treated with high voltage electrolysis
  • 10% clove
  • 10% artemesia
  • 10% black walnut
Our Organic Ozonated Castor Oil and Organic Ozonated Castor Oil are Energy Enhanced with specific frequencies attuned to reduce inflammation and promote the body's ability to heal itself.

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