Natural Thyroid Support

Iodine is essential to a healthy functioning Thyroid.

Iodine is the one element that can protect the thyroid from environmental toxins and radiation.

Healthy thyroid function often requires supplemental iodine, especially for people on low salt diets, or vegan diets.

Natural Thyroid Support of Organic Detoxified Iodine is a highly energized bio-available form of organic iodine that supports thyroid health, which in turn supports the overall health of the body.

We have come out with a new label Natural Thyroid Support. Same great Organic Detoxified Iodine, with a new label, for customers who like a label that lets them know how great Organic Detoxified Iodine is for the Thyroid.

Iodine is the one trace mineral that can help protect the thyroid from radiation.
The thyroid gland is the principle user of iodine in the body.

Iodine is not an element one hears about in everyday life, but in fact it is essential to human, animal and plant life.

A country like Japan that is surrounded by ocean has a vast stock of seaweed, fish and shellfish, from which it is relatively easy to extract iodine. However, continental land masses such as America and Europe cannot extract iodine from natural resources so easily. People in these regions need to supplement their diet using iodized salt to maintain proper health.

Iodine is also added to domestic livestock feeds. Iodine deficiency can lead to such conditions as osteomalacia (bone softening) or diseases of the thyroid gland.

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What is Organic Detoxified Iodine?

Iodine is a trace element on the Periodic Table of Elements essential to human life.

Iodine compounds are important in organic chemistry and very useful in medicine.

Organic Detoxified Iodine is made by a process defined by Edgar Cayce, of running an electrical charge through a solution of detoxified iodine and ethyl alcohol.

The Ethyl alcohol carbon molecules bind with the iodine molecules in this process, rendering the detoxified iodine into organic detoxified iodine, a more bio-available form.

This allows the Thyroid to assimilate the iodine in smaller quantities than other commercial iodines, thus safer and more economical.

Organic iodine is a precursor, which the Thyroid naturally converts into iodide. Scientists have found that taking iodine, the precursor, allows the Thyroid to convert it as needed & channel it along the pathways naturally.

Since this natural thyroid support is more bio-available, the dosage can be less, because the body can assimilate more of it than other commercial iodines, making organic detoxified iodine more effective and more economical.

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